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Products and services

DDoS protection tool designed for telecom operators, hosting companies, corporate clients and security service providers
Collector is an additionally licensed functional MITIGATOR unit designed to collect and analyse network equipment telemetry.
It is mainly used for the detection of DDoS attacks and analytical reports of traffic in conjunction with MITIGATOR. Collector receives telemetry via NetFlow v5/v9, sFlow v5, IPFIX
Reputation lists of IP adresses, autonomous systems and JA3 fingerprints. Delivered in the form of regularly updated feeds, they can be used for filter and traffic analyze the behavior of the sender based on his hit in the feeds
The log analyzer serves to protect HTTP and HTTPS. It analyzes data recieved from Web servers via syslog (RFC 3164) and checks if it matches the rules specified for the security policy
Service for network traffic dump analisys, used to identify patterns (PCAP Signature Generator). Additionally, the service analyzes lists of IP adressesand JA3 Ffingerprints
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