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DDoS protection tool for corporate clients,
state companies, medium and large businesses
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9 out of 10
largest Russian banks under MITIGATOR protection

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Key features
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Reaction speed
Rapid development
MITIGATOR constantly monitors traffic and activates filtering in less than a second if an anomaly is detected
MITIGATOR updates frequently to effectively counter current threats. Releases with new protective techniques and customer requests are issued every 2 months
MITIGATOR achieves high performance even on common server hardware. No additional accelerators required

Products and services
DDoS protection tool designed for telecom operators, hosting companies, corporate clients and security service providers
A software designed for collection and analysis of the network hardware telemetry, detection of DDoS attacks and traffic inspection. Works in conjunction with MITIGATOR, receives telemetry via NetFlow v5/v9, sFlow v5, IPFIX protocols
Reputation lists of IP addresses, autonomous systems and JA3 fingerprints. Delivered in the form of regularly updated feeds, they can be used to filter traffic and analyze the behavior of the sender based on his hit in the feeds
The log analyzer serves to protect HTTP and HTTPS. It analyzes data received from Web servers via syslog (RFC 3164) and checks if it matches the rules specified for the security policy
Service for network traffic dump analysis, used to identify patterns (PCAP Signature Generator). Additionally, the service analyzes lists of IP addresses and JA3 fingerprints
Cloud DDoS protection service, designed to secure websites, applications, and networks
Protecting against
DDoS attacks since 2009
New DDoS protection technologies are tested and used in own traffic scrubbing center

last news
Collector v23.08-rc1 is available for installation
The backend of the collector has been completely redesigned in version v23.08. The functionality of forwarding and duplication of Flow has been added, the functionality of reports has been expanded, and work with the database has been optimized.
Version description
v23.06.1 available for installation
23.06 brings new HCA and LACL countermeasures, regular reports and logging. In addition, RTS countermeasure has been redesigned and logging parameters of autodetection were added.
Log analyzer, TBL, TBL6, ACL, ACL6, TCP, MINE, ATLS, DTLS, DNS, REX, REX6, ACLI countermeasures, and named lists functionality has been expanded.
Version desription

Upgrading to version v23.06 should be done according to the special instructions

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