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Distribution and filtering of traffic is possible not only by destination address, but also by any combination of 5-tuple
Working with network adapters
using hardware bypass
TCP protection for symmetrical traffic
Cloud signaling with the telecom operators devices increases the availability of Internet services and allows you to filter some of the attacks on the operator's network
Single management interface for all cluster
devices, fault tolerance
Web Application
Firewall integration
Protection for VPN and
other specialized applications
TLS protection without decryption
Protection of Web Servers using Log Analysis
Reputation lists support
MITIGATOR supports many BGP communication scenarios. Each cluster instance can act as an independent BGP speaker, advertise prefixes, send and receive FlowSpec rules
TCP protection for traffic asymmetry and symmetry. In addition to the standard protection mechanisms, a unique mode of operation with ISN synchronization is available, in which protection against traffic asymmetry does not require unnecessary packet exchange or disconnection